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Saratoga Springs Liquor & Wine Store

Saratoga Springs, UT
Saratoga Springs Liquor & Wine Store, DABS

Over the past several years, the DABC has been developing various prototypes to create a better customer experience.
These prototypes focus on creating a retail friendly experience focusing on better displays, wider aisles, appropriate progressional flow and checkout queuing, attractive and well placed product signage, and natural light without allowing direct sunlight on the product. This is all to be accomplished while maintaining a strong focus on security.


Jacoby Architects was excited to work with the DABC on this new direction, and the Saratoga Springs Liquor & Wine Store is the first new liquor store with modern design features. The design of this new 11,250 square foot liquor store in Saratoga Springs focuses on creating a warm and welcoming entry, which is accented by wood grain volumes that unfold from darker background elements to clearly mark the entry through visual contrast. The entrance is also highlighted by a large foreground of landscaping – a result of angling the building on the 2 acre site, in which consumers make a transitional procession to the front door from the surrounding parking.


The floor plan, and site plan, were entirely driven by clear lines of sight which radiate from the featured cashier area. This enhances wayfinding for the consumer experience as well as enhances security by having clear visual access down each product aisle. The rounded cashier counter with single line queuing brings a new change to state run liquor stores, which have typically been more in a multiple cashier chute style arrangement. The design also features a Premium Products Room that displays rare and special products in individually-lit windows. This special room is visually central to the clearly marked Wine & Spirits section.


Size: 11,250 square feet

Budget: 2.7 million