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Boutique Size, Big Ideas

Our Unique Approach

Jacoby Architects is an award winning architecture firm that focuses on creating one-of-a-kind projects. Our passion, our custom approach, and our relentless care generate highly innovative designs and unparalleled client service; a service that has been described by clients as feeling like a part of our family. Every project that we tackle gets the attention of our entire firm as we look for opportunity in every square inch to make it the next, most special project we have completed.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is built upon listening.  Clients like us because we are friendly, attentive, and put simply – we just care more! When we leave our egos at the door, it allows us to create designs that are entirely appropriate for the client, for the building, and for the site. We never try to force a style or a look; because if you’re not excited, then we’re not excited.

More Care than at Grandma's

We care more. This isn’t just a job for us; it’s something we live for and even dream about. And your project isn’t just a project--it becomes our passion. We are personally invested in the outcome and will work tirelessly to achieve a fantastic result. The fact that we are extremely selective with the projects that we take on allows us to make something that not only you will be proud of, but we will be proud of as well.

Family Owned & Operated

From one generation to the next, our firm has experience that spans over 4 decades. And having our name on the business means that we take an extra amount of pride in the work that we and our staff create. We treat our employees like family and rely on core values of communication, commitment, and care to interact with each other and with our clients. When you work with us, you will receive the same personalized client service, exceptional designs, and customized buildings the Jacoby name has become known for.

Measure Thrice, Cut Once

We check our documents obsessively. We pride ourselves on the quality of our documents and are constantly praised by contractors, facilities managers, and even code officials for the accuracy and care that goes into the sheets. Our drawing sets are beautiful, packed with information, and most importantly they hold up during construction, further minimizing change orders and confusion to save you valuable time and money.

A Meaningful Process

Wide Open Studio

We maintain an open studio environment where the principal and staff are at any given moment aware of a project’s status. We are big on collaboration within our firm, realizing that open communication within our team translates to better communication with our consultants and a higher quality end product for our clients. We encourage our staff to ask questions and utilize as many perspectives as possible to help inspire our designs and resolve whatever challenges come up during the life of a project. In our firm, we are constantly learning from each other, from our consultants, and from our clients. Our flat hierarchy allows for everyone in the office to understand the global vision of a project and be able to make the decisions necessary to keep that global vision intact.

The All-Important Idea Phase

Our custom building designs develop in the all-important idea phase where meaning is introduced into the design, where reality is suspended for a moment, where concepts grow without restriction, and where imagination becomes empathetic as we close our eyes and experience how visitors will react as they enter our buildings. Our early sketches allow us to freely explore, discover, and break boundaries before the building takes on the physics of construction, regulatory codes, and dimensionality. Without this sketching phase, our buildings would have no conceptual framework, no meaning behind their shape, and no reason for anyone to notice a difference between them and a big-box store.

Crazy Big Tool Box

We love the process of creation. Balancing the freedom of working with our hands, with the technical rigor of state-of-the-art software keeps our imaginations sharp and ready to overcome whatever design challenges might arise. We optimize all resources at our disposal to work more efficiently, communicate more effectively, and produce the highest quality deliverables and services. We are always looking for the best way to do something, whether that means utilizing a new system or software or perfecting a tried and true practice. Our design process always results in customization; we will build you something special and unique that satisfies your needs and inspires everyone who steps foot in the space.

First Discovery

Great architecture (and by great we mean architecture that inspires people to do and be more) exists first in the conceptual development stage with nothing but an open mind to evolve it. Here, we test the impossible, the possible, flush out bad ideas, harness good ideas, and eventually, through enough studies and with project realities in place, the building begins to create itself. The process of discovery in turn leads to solutions that are custom and entirely specific to each particular building design.

A Dedicated Team

Joe Jacoby

President | Director of Design

Kraig Wilkes

Principal | Sustainability Coordinator

Sanae Adams

Project Architect

Eric Jacoby

Project Architect | Technical Director

Khue Ho

Architectural Designer | Interior Designer

Alina Kowalczyk

Project Manager

Cesar Robles

Architectural Designer

Huihui Liu

Interior Designer

Kat Nix

Business Development

Robert Jacoby

Architect Emeritus | Founder

Amy Jacoby

Accounting | Marketing

Green Initiative

We are on a constant quest for more eco-friendly designs. We are experienced with achieving all levels of LEED certification, the State of Utah High Performance Building Standard, and the integration of cost-effective, energy-saving strategies into our projects. For example, the Marriott Honors Residential Scholars Community on the University of Utah Campus is LEED Gold and performs 30% better than required by code. This translates to a savings of over $20,000 per year in utilities alone.

Even our projects that do not require a LEED certification or compliance with energy standards, as best practice, include proper building orientation; natural daylighting and ventilation; well-insulated envelopes; building materials that are recycled, low embodied, and low emitting; and high-efficiency fixtures and equipment.

Awards | Honors

2021 Honor Award, Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind Elizabeth Delong School, AIA Western Mountain Region

2020 Project of the year K-12, Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind Elizabeth Delong School, Association of General Contractors of Utah

2020 Most Outstanding: Community Impact, Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind Elizabeth Delong School, Utah Construction & Design

2020 Merit Award, Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind Elizabeth Delong School, AIA Utah

2019 Excellence in Construction, Higher Education Over $5 Million, USU Sorenson Legacy Foundation Center for Clinical Excellence, ABC Utah 

2019 Merit Award, Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind Openshaw Education Center, Utah Masonry Council

2018 LEED Gold Certification, Sorenson Legacy Foundation Center for Clinical Excellence, U.S. Green Building Council

2018 Most Outstanding: Publisher’s Pick, Utah State University Sorenson Legacy Foundation Center for Clinical Excellence, Utah Construction & Design

2018 Higher Education / Research Merit Award, Sorenson Legacy Foundation Center for Clinical Excellence, ENR Regional Best Projects

2018 Interior Division Winner, Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind, Vanceva World of Color Awards

2017 Honor Award, Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind Openshaw Education Center, AIA Utah

2016 Project of the year.k-12, C. Mark Openshaw School for the Deaf & Blind, Salt Lake Center Association of General Contractors of Utah

2016 Most Outstanding Higher Education Award., Utah State University Brigham City Regional Campus, Utah Construction and Design

2016 Most Outstanding K-12 project.C. Mark Openshaw School for the Deaf & Blind. Utah Construction and Design

2016 LEED Gold Certification.Utah State University, Brigham City Regional Campus .U.S. Green Building Council

2015 Outstanding Architect of The Year. Associated General Contractors of Utah

2015 Merit Design Award, University of Utah Guest House Utah Masonry Council

2015 Merit Design Award, University Of Utah Honors HouseUtah Masonry Council

2015 Best of Show ,Utah State University Brigham City Regional Campus, Utah Masonry Council

2015 Winner, USU Brigham City Campus, ABC Excellence in Construction, Commercial over $10million

2014 Merit Design Award, BYU Monte L Bean Museum, Utah Masonry council

2014 Outstanding Architect of the Year, Association of General Contractors of Utah

2013 Best of State – Public Preschool, Utah State University, Emma Eccles Jones Early Childhood Education and Research Center

2013 LEED Gold certification. University of Utah Honors BuildingU.S. Green Building Council

2012 Honorable Mention, University of Utah Guesthouse, ABC Excellence in Construction Award, (Commercial over $5 million)

2010 Best of show, Utah State University, Emma Eccles Jones Early Childhood Education and Research CenterThe Utah Masonry Council

2010 Partnership Award.Utah State University

2007 Best Mid-Mountain Lodge.Watson Shelter, Alta Ski Resort.Utah State University


Best Ski Hotel in Utah, Rustler Lodge, Usa Today

The Most Luxurious in Alta, Rustler Lodge, Washington Post

#1 Ski Lodge in Alta, Rustler Lodge, Trip Advisor, 2010-2015 Hall of Fame