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West Valley Liquor & Wine Store

West Valley, UT
West Valley State Liquor & Wine Store

Over the past several years, DABC has been developing various prototypes to create a better customer experience. These prototypes focus on creating a retail friendly experience focusing on better displays, wider aisles, appropriate progressional flow and checkout queuing, attractive and well placed product signage, and natural light without allowing direct sunlight on the product. This is all to be accomplished while maintaining a strong focus on security.


The new West Valley Liquor Store is a major remodel to an existing strip mall, converting a traditional architectural storefront into a modern multi-faceted facade separated into modular folded panels by full height glass partitions, sun shades, planting beds and even built-in planter boxes. The entrance was highlighted by a gradient pattern of wood planking, which fades as it wraps around the back side of the building, in lieu of what is typically created by height differentiation.


The floor plan focused on creating an inviting and open sales floor, which is accented by floating wood ceiling shapes and a large center oculus to bring light into the center of the space. The warmth of the wood highlighting special areas within, balanced with natural light at the perimeter creates a consumer experience that encourages an improved shopping experience. The openness of its floor plan not only allows the customer to easily navigate throughout the store but it enhances the security by having clear visual access from the cashier and managers office area.


This facility also meets the Utah State High Performance Energy Standards, resulting in low energy usage and optimizing high performing envelope design and detailing. The design also features a sculptural Premium Product display, a circular arrangement of angular fins clad in wood siding and edged with steel plate, centered in the sales floor that displays rare and special products in individually-lit openings. The Linear Cashier Counter with single line queuing brings a new change to state run liquor stores, which have typically been more in a multiple cashier chute style arrangement.


Size: 14,000 square feet

Budget: 3 million