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Experienced and Friendly

We are seeking a senior architect / technical designer to support and complement our custom/complex architectural designs. We consider this position to be highly creative and a leadership design position. Mies van der Rohe stated, “God is in the details.” Getting beautiful experiential buildings to function, to withstand the elements, and to be simple yet provocative means the technical design has to be equally as important as the front end, big picture design phase.

You will play a key role in guiding material selection and research, developing wall sections, wall types, high performance envelope design, consultant and systems coordination, construction coordination, as well as exterior and interior details. Generally, as the technical designer, you will lead the charge on how systems and elements come together in an elegant and robust way with an emphasis on quality control.

You must have a keen sense of building construction and many years experience with complex commercial and public architecture, including custom schools, universities, and hospitality scale projects. You must also have many years experience designing in a multitude of hot and cold climates and environments.


Required Skills and Qualifications:

  2. Be licensed
  3. Have a master’s degree
  4. Have 10 years minimum experience on complex commercial projects
  5. Be legally authorized to work in the United States for any employer without sponsorship
Ideal Candidate For Any Position

Ability to see established company vision and specific project visions and help execute them in a team environment

Self-motivated and hard-working


Possess strong interpersonal skills allowing for positive internal, client, and contractor relationships.

Demonstrates passion for high-end architectural design, technical excellence, and quality

Ability to move quickly and easily from task to task

Excellent organization skills, strong attention to details, and strong problem solving skills

Willingness to adapt as our projects are dynamic

Works well individually and on a team

Demonstrates strong leadership skills with effective assertiveness, creativity, and fairness

Commitment to lifelong learning and growth and the desire to build a long and rewarding career with our company