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Laminating Interdisciplinary Healthcare

Utah State University
Sorenson Legacy Foundation for Clinical Excellence, Feasibility Study and Funding Brochure, Utah State University

The College of Education at Utah State University was focused on bringing together – under one roof – their thriving clinical training, research, and services programs in speech pathology, audiology, health education, human movement science, marriage and family therapy, autism and developmental disabilities, and aging and memory. Doing so would help them facilitate innovative interdisciplinary research, training, and service delivery in the related health and human services disciplines.  The initial concept for the building centered around the idea of laminating interdisciplinary healthcare. As usual, we look to nature for design inspiration. In geology, lamination refers to the settling of settlement into layers that eventually become rocks. While the design shown here did not go on to become the final design, it did inspire what the building eventually developed into. We helped the college develop a feasibility study and funding brochure so they could secure support and funding for this now realized standard for (laminating) interdisciplinary healthcare.