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College of Business Makeover

College of Business Makeover

Conceptual studies were commissioned to investigate opportunities providing aesthetic and functional improvements to an existing business building located on a local higher education campus. The goals of the architectural work are to establish an aesthetic and functional vision that aligns campus wide, and to explore opportunities for a major addition with the goal of creating a sense of “Place”, a sense of “There”, and that promotes modern innovation for the business students.


The project improves the functionality, utility and appearance of the building in relatively equal measure, and serves the broader planning issue of visually integrating the improved building into the fabric of the Campus. The proposed design for the  Business Building includes a new Addition that provides new campus connectivity as well as public and educational spaces that will enhance casual collaboration and provide innovative spaces for the College of Business Community. The plan includes revisions to the mechanical, electrical and life safety systems and reconfiguration of the interior floor plan to accommodate updated functionally to the pedagogical elements of the building.