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Agricultural Teaching and Research Center

Utah State University
Matthew Hillyard Agricurtural Teaching & Research Facility

The Agricultural Teaching and Research Center is a facility for the College of Agriculture at Utah State University. This building is a combination of classrooms, teaching labs, an animal reproduction lab, and a veterinary clinic. From the exterior, the Teaching and Research Center reads as a modern style barn within the agricultural setting of Cache Valley. From the interior, the building feels like a graceful cathedral that welcomes students, teachers, researchers, and farmers.


The form of this building was derived from the different scales and functions of students, teachers, researchers, and animals. Joining the two wings of this building is a 35 foot tall central colonnade twisted 35 degrees from the parallel of the structure. The colonnade provides expansive views to the mountains directly to the east and west. By exposing and celebrating the structure, infrastructure, and the industrial programmatic functions within this building, the Animal Teaching and Research Center becomes a balance of form and function filled with natural light throughout.


Energy efficient design strategies were implemented: The building is oriented to take advantage of natural daylighting opportunities and the envelope is designed with a prefabricated, high R-valued factory-insulated metal panel that was detailed to provide an uninterrupted skin to avoid cold bridging. More recently, PV panels have been added to the site for further energy independence.


Awards: 2009 Higher Education Feature, Metal Architecture Magazine

Size: 20,500 square feet

Budget: $7.7 million