Clinical Services Building

Sorenson Legacy Foundation Center for Clinical Excellence, Utah State University

Jacoby Architects designed and programmed this new Clinical Services Building for USU’s College of Education and Human Services. This will include integrated service delivery, vocational and graduate student training activities, clinical research, and community outreach within six different clinics including: Autism and Other Developmental, Disabilities, Family and Human Development, Aging and Memory, Health and Exercise Science, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, Center for Persons with Disabilities

The building will be a four story, 100,000 S.F. Building with a 10,000 S.F. underground parking garage. It is divided into two wings, one which contains more academic/research functions for faculty, students, and the public; and one which contains more clinical spaces for patients and private therapy. These two wings are connected by transparent bridges, with a large open-air courtyard between. This courtyard serves as the heart of the building, and is named the "Healing Garden." It will be a multi-functional space for patients to get fresh air before or after their treatment, or a space for students and faculty to sit outside and eat food from the cafe in the main lobby. The main lobby also contains a gallery designed to host exhibitions every few months.

The new building will integrate the various clinics into an interdisciplinary environment. The spaces will be inviting and soothing, and maintain acoustic privacy for client confidentiality. Each clinic will maintain its own identity and also be connected with the other units within the building. The building will be designed for a maximum patient serviceability, with clear way finding, day lighting throughout, and a warm, comforting environment. It will have convenient access to the public and university.

The building also includes: Early childhood education classrooms, distance education classrooms, specialized therapy rooms, a nursing simulation lab, a hydrotherapy pool, gymnasium for physical therapy, audiometric booths, a café, a teaching kitchen, and an underground parking garage.