Campus Services

Janet Quinney Lawson Campus Services Building, Utah State University

Jacoby Architects designed the renovation and addition of this 27,000 square foot, $2.5 million facility for the College of Natural Resources as a geospatial science center. The project is an adaptive reuse and addition to a vintage 1960 two-story masonry building with original bow-string steel roof trusses. Its central location on the Utah State University campus provides an ideal locale for the College of Natural Resources. Prior to renovation, the building was encumbered with outdated equipment and systems, make-shift partitions, sagging ceilings, as well as abandoned pipes and conduits. Over time the building had amassed a patchwork of inefficient functions including vehicle parking and unused leftover spaces. A wholesale cleanout of the building was both necessary and performed.

Multiple functions for the graduate students of the college were then programmed into the redesign, including a GIS Laboratory, The Assistive Technology Laboratory (a premier design and fabrication laboratory used by social service agencies), disability-related service agencies, university departments, and individual consumers statewide.

In an effort to maximize useable floor space in the interior of the existing building, the vertical circulation and lobby elements were placed on the exterior, simultaneously acting as buttresses to the structural frame and creating a visual identity to the redesigned entrances.