Joe Jacoby profile
Joe Jacoby
President | Design Director

Optimist, visionary, leader—these are just a few of our favorite things about Joe. President of Jacoby Architects, he earned his Bachelor and Master of Architecture from UC Berkeley. Well-traveled, Joe spent a few years practicing architecture in San Francisco and London. Always sketching in the corner, Joe looks for every opportunity to make spaces interesting. Driving the conceptual foundation of our projects, from imagination to construction, he seeks to find the wow factor in each of our clients’ unique lists of spaces and programs. Inspired by the mountains and deserts of Utah, his designs complement the site while providing for the needs of the building’s occupants. One to dislike “can’t”, Joe can provide you with the stunning and functional building you’re looking for.

Kraig Wilkes profile
Kraig Wilkes
Project Architect | LEED Coordinator

As a northern Utah native growing up in a small town, Kraig attained an early appreciation for the beauty of nature and the importance of sustainability. With a family of close-knit DIYers, he became well-versed in the creative process and in the critical role that teamwork can play in accomplishing a common goal. Kraig discovered Jacoby Architects while earning both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture from the University of Utah. Now as a Project Architect, Kraig is often the right-hand man and go-to guy of the office. His patience, good-natured attitude, care, and expertise translate to complete quality in the buildings he skillfully designs.

Tawny Weaver profile
Tawny Weaver
Interior Designer | Project Coordinator

Tawny is equal parts California and Utah native. Finally settling here in Salt Lake, Tawny knows a thing or two about effortlessly weaving different styles together to create one stunning scheme. As a child growing up around Frank Gehry’s office and construction sites, Tawny’s love for architecture and design is sewn deep. While attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, she channeled this love into creative, out-of-the-box concepts that stood apart from the work of her peers. Now, as an interior designer collaborating on most of our projects, she’ll deliver the same for you.

Andrew Daigle profile
Andrew Daigle
Project Architect

If home is where the heart is, then Andrew finds home in every building he designs. He is a self-described jack-of-all-trades, except this jack is an ace in his field. With both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in architecture from Montana State University and over twelve years architectural experience, Andrew designs spaces with people in mind. A firm believer in the effect that a building’s design has on those within, his focus on layout results in detailed attention to usability and functionality.

Mike Lawlor profile
Mike Lawlor
Project Architect

Mike’s designs focus on connection, community, and collaboration. His care and attention to detail culminate in buildings that connect with their surroundings, invite the community to interact, and promote collaborative activity. With Mike’s designs, the buildings don’t just make you think—they make you feel. Mike received his Masters of Architecture from the University of Nebraska and has twenty four years of professional experience. Having worked in both small and large-scale firms across the span of his career, Mike decided to get back to his small-firm roots and join the Jacoby team. Mike’s accuracy, perseverance, and practicality in his work make him an excellent addition to our team and enhance every project he tackles.

Cora Newman profile
Cora Newman
Office Manager | Public Relations

A prairie flower turned desert flower, Cora hails from the Land of Lincoln. A background in English teaching and communication disorders from BYU pairs nicely with her Midwestern sensibilities. As our resident Office Manager, Cora handles a variety of responsibilities including making sure that while the architects and designers are busy sketching, modeling, and creating, the coffee pot that fuels their energy stays full. She likewise handles public relations and content writing, helping to promote our company and grow our brand. Always eager to do well, her determination to learn something new every day drives her personal growth and the growth of our team.

Eric Jacoby profile
Eric Jacoby
Project Manager

Ever the kinetic learner, Eric loves figuring out how things work and how they’re built. He is also inspired by visuals, explaining the wanderlust which has driven him to sketch old buildings across the globe. However, sketching hasn’t been his only international pursuit. After earning his bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Utah and his Master of Architecture from UC Berkeley, Eric spent two years working as an architect in San Francisco followed by three years in the busy hubs of Amsterdam, London, and Edinburgh, and the next 10+ years working here at Jacoby Architects. Pursuing his hands-on design roots, Eric recently launched a separate product design company called Eric Jacoby Design offering elegant and exciting pieces.

Robert Jacoby profile
Robert Jacoby
Architect Emeritus | Founder

After earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Idaho, Masters of Architecture from the University of Utah, and obtaining a professional license, Robert founded the firm back in 1976. Having retired this past year (mostly), Robert continues to offer guidance and wisdom cultivated from an illustrious 55+ year career in the field of architecture. While Robert now has more time to devote to his other passions including jewelry making, silversmithing, cabinetmaking, welding, painting, sketching, and landscaping (just to name a paltry few), he still maintains a strong passion for both the field of architecture and the company he originally founded.